Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sea Within A Sea [the yellow wallpaper]

The Yellow Wallpaper!

Having been given the prompt of "unstable," I took an opportunity to do a piece based on the short story by Charlotte Perkin Gilman, which is one of my favorite short stories ever. And the only one I've encountered that gets creepier every time I reread it.

The pattern is originally drawn in mechanical pencil on a piece of computer paper. Scanned into Photoshop, and a multiply layer of yellow added over it. Printed out, acrylic and gesso and color pencil applied haphazardly, and then crumpled the paper up until it was nearly soft. Applied to a 8x10 wood panel with gesso, extra pieces of patterned paper used to edge the panel. A piece of very light grain sandpaper was used to scuff up some of the paper.

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