Monday, August 30, 2010

The Girl from Ipanema (art nouveau and animals and yarn)

(Sorry to anyone who witnessed the html fail in this post - that'll teach me to try to edit my blog on a school computer.)

School has started! Time to be busy busy busy.

Doodled up a month or so ago for Alphonse Mucha's 150th birthday; more animals cads for the VCU SOVO Fair (the corgi and the conure were drawn by the imcomparable Mary Carter and inked by me - everything else is entirely mine); just to prove that I do indeed crochet, here are a couple of things I finished in the past couple days (though neither pattern belongs to me).

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  1. I notice that, among other things, you decided to sneak Shuckle, Flareon, and an Archaeopteryx into this post.