Friday, March 5, 2010

Leader of the Pack (adventures in lithography!)

This semester, I'm taking an elective in the Painting & Printmaking department. Appropriately, the class is Printmaking. (Surprise surprise.) The first five weeks were dedicated to lithography. Let me show you why I am not a printmaking major.

First, my plate itself. (These are aluminum, and 18x24 inches, if I remember correctly.) Notice the scrunched anatomy that happened when I realized she wasn't going to fit? Yeah.

For those who are really curious, the drawing on the plate was done in litho crayon (the fine lines) and tusche. The tusche did not agree with me. Or perhaps it's better to say that I didn't agree with it. Or maybe I just fail at applying etching strengths. It's a mystery that will never be solved.

Next, we have one of my proofs (newsprint), and one of my editions (some nice paper, I don't recall what).

And my digital piece, based on the same sketch. Yes, I know you've seen it before. Bear with me, it's here for comparison's sake.

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