Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And I'm back! take two.

ETA: Just had to come back and say that I'm so offended by this: Spandex, a "comic book featuring the world's first gay superhero team."

For one, I'm offended because they're presenting the characters as being defined by their sexuality. Being gay is not all a person is, just as being straight is not all a person is. Secondly, it's reinforcing stereotypes.

But most relevant to this blog, THE ART IS TERRIBLE. Seriously. I am so horrified that someone has been paid to do that, when I, along with many of my talented friends, am sitting here penniless.

Wow I've fallen behind on this. Sorry guys, I've been really sick - still am, in fact - and my productivity has seriously faltered.

So, here! Playing card designs from a project (from forever ago) for Digital Drawing. We had to design our own cards within one suit, including the face cards, the ace, the Joker, and the back.

My theme - Greek gods. Hopefully you can tell who is who. (And then the Joker, and um. Don't ask me why, but a female version of Jensen Ackles [Supernatural, Dark Angel, Smallville].)